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The engineering services of Serminpet TX, LLC. they are extensive. The company offers drilling tests, acquisition of technical information from the surface and in oil and gas wells through mechanical and electronic means; Analysis of oil and gas samples; Design and construction of the necessary facilities for the initial phases of exploration; Supply, marketing and exploitation of offshore equipment; Provides trained personnel and special equipment and tools; Pumping and drilling. Equipment for the control of solid and balanced perforations; Pipeline supervision and maintenance; Fishing in tubular wells and open wells; Matrix acidification; Oil and gas marketing; Well cement; Workover services for oil and gas wells; Cable registration; Spiral tube services.
Founded in April 2019, Serminpet TX, LLC. its main objective is to provide services to the oil industry, commercialization of hydrocarbon products, including search in wells; Analysis of oil and gas samples on the surface and in deep wells; Acquisition of technical information on the surface and in oil and gas wells; Hole tests; Pumping and drilling; Construction of all kinds of infrastructure necessary for the industry.


It is to offer a comprehensive service to our clients based on efficiency, speed and honesty supported by a consolidated work team.


They guide the company not only in what we do, but in what we can do. SERMINPET-TX seeks to accommodate and create sustainable and long-lasting relationships with our customers through excellent customer service, a friendly and knowledgeable sales force, as well as on-time and seamless delivery where needed.

  • We are proud to have a deep and full knowledge of the needs of our clients, while offering better quality products and services.

  • Operationally, we have access to and serve hard-to-reach locations, and we follow a strict quality control plan on each assignment to provide quality, reliability, and consistency across all platforms.

  • Having a clear purpose and sharing principles with clients makes us successful and sustainable. We believe that the will of our dedicated staff to reach the latest creative solutions is vital to continued success.

  • We are committed to the highest levels of integrity and transparency at the corporate level to ensure that the interests of our clients are protected at all times.

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