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SERMINPET TX LLC., Is a Venezuelan company dedicated to the world of raw material marketing, standing out as direct buyers and resellers of various products of petroleum distillates, natural gas, minerals and cement. We are experts and responsible in the art of transporting physical products where they abound to cover the needs of our clients in a reliable, efficient and responsible way.
Our highly qualified team has worked hard to position ourselves as a reputable and reliable supplier of petroleum products; Our company personally manages the logistics necessary to efficiently provide the contracts, processes and finances that support our business as it grows and strives for excellence.
The combination of experienced staff, solid management and well-structured financing has allowed us, SERMINPET TX LLC., To become a solid company as a reseller, which gives you peace of mind in transactions in a fluid manner.


SERMINPET TX LLC offers its customers premium fuel at competitive prices. Among our wide range of products are the following:

  • Jet Aviation Fuel Jet A1

  • Colonial Grade 54, Jet A LowSulfurDiesel (D2)

  • Ultra LowSulfurDiesel 15ppm, EN590 10ppm Fuel Oil

  • Gasoil

  • Gasoline

  • HeatingOil

  • Light CrudeOil

  • IFO 180, IFO 380 LiquidPetroleum Gas (LPG)

  • Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

  • Iron

  • Cement Portland Type 1 / Type 2

S SERMINPET TX LLC., Seeks to continually improve and expand its strategic alliances with its suppliers and customers. The breadth of our global partner network provides us with an in-depth understanding of the intricate interdependencies of the global raw material market. Understanding these complexities of the market allows us to maintain the goodwill and trust of our clients, providing them with quality products and services.

We always insist on obtaining products directly from reliable suppliers to ensure delivery of shipments. Our status as a private company allows us to act quickly and firmly, both as buyer and seller of various raw materials to our business partners. SERMINPET TX LLC., Plays the role of serving the middle markets with the necessary products, maintaining the competitive advantage of our clients. Due to continued growth within the industry challenges associated with supply side demand, price, and logistics requirements, the need to partner with trusted partners and customers for our company, enabling our growth. The need for support in the acquisition and delivery of petroleum, iron and cement products has never been greater.

SERMINPET TX LLC., Plays an important role within the industry as a respectable contractor to existing buyers, suppliers, and logistics operators. We build, design the infrastructure and logistics to optimize and simplify shipments and as part of this function SERMINPET TX LLC., Supplies the necessary products to buyers in mid-market through its network of reliable suppliers.

Commercially speaking, SERMINPET TX LLC. Markets with international clients, including known resellers, distributors, retailers, and end users in the public and private sector. Our company helps to supply energy products and different raw materials to distribution networks, local and international, in Central America, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, the United States and the Middle East.

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SERMINPET TX LLC., Through a well-developed network of proven relationships, may have grown its market for years within the industry. While our core clientele expands, the company and its team work diligently to meet the growing demand for services and increase opportunities for supply products. Our experienced team of professionals has the experience and financial capacity to successfully negotiate and negotiate transactions within the industry for our clients.

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SERMINPET TX LLC., Seeks to consummate commercial transactions that are financially and commercially viable in relation to refined petroleum products and some crudes. SERMINPET TX LLC., Can facilitate FOB or CIF transactions according to SPOT contracts or a term. Even when our business prefers and trusts them forward contracts, SPOT contracts will be considered under certain circumstances.

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SERMINPET TX LLC., Provides advice and assistance at all stages of the supply chain, including technical and financial support. From operating as a private for-profit trading company, they continually seek to improve our performance and ensure long-term profitability. Sustained profitability ensures reliable, uninterrupted delivery that ultimately enables us to enjoy the trust and loyalty that binds us to our customers.

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